Dance Studio Light

contemporary dance theatre

  • creates performances in the form of community theatre and connect professional artistic creation with pedagogical work

  • validates and seeks alternative teaching methods using art as a means of upbringing and education of children and youth

  • carries out projects of international cooperation and initiates the creation of performances in the form of social projects


Dance studio Light zapsaný spolek
Company number: 66002958
Registered address: Fráni Šrámka 18, 150 00 Prague 5
Bank account: 124428711-0300, ČSOB Praha 5

Phone: 728 700 490





  • interactive dance theatre performance inspired by the fairy tale of Karel Šiktanc

  • for children over 4 years

Body-moving journey to the lost doll presents the type of performance, in with children are becoming the partners of a professional artists. Children on their journey personally gets to know good and evil, disappointment and mistake - and the joy of the happy end. 

  • Screenplay and director: Lenka Tretiagová and Tereza Marečková

  • Music: Jakub Kudláč

  • Scene and costumes: Petra Mládková

  • Choreography: Ondřej Lipovský a kolektiv

  • Performers: Ondřej Lipovský / David Ryska, Michal Dalecký / Štěpán Tretiag, Tereza Tretiagová, Alena Ditrichová / Eliška Kašparová, Lucie Klosová / Lenka Vokurková, Jana Sýkorová 

  • Premiere: april 2007, Ponec Theatre

  • Length: 60 minutes



  • dance theatre performance inspired by the novel Tobiáš Lolness of Timothée de Fombelle

  • performance has been chosen for the presentation of the czech theatre abroad in the catalogue Czech Performance Collection 2010

  • for children over 5 years up to grown-ups

What is happening with the friendship, when it has to be spread to the two different parts of the world? Can it survive a very steep slope, rest on a velvet grass or has it to split up?

Together with the dancers and actors enter to the imaginary world of the bushy tree and become for the while one of the very small people, to which this tree presents the whole world. Wander barefoot along the branches from the very top to the roots, around the lake in the fine grass, and discover its secrets, which is in fact one big parable about our planet.

  • Screenplay and director: Lenka Tretiagová and Ondřej Lipovský

  • Performers: Vojta Švejda, Ondřej Lipovský /David Ryska, Eliška Kašparová, Petra Brabcová, Jan Čtvrtník

  • Children ́s role : David Králík, Ondřej Zavřel, Viktorie Budínská, Anna Tretiagová, Tereza Solarová and other children of the Dance Studio Light.

  • Music: Tomáš Žižka, Agnes Kutas a Jan Holeček / William Valerián

  • Premiere: 29. 9. 2009, Theatre Ponec

  • Length: 60 - 80 minutes 



  • the Performance inspired by the old lusatian-serbian legend The Satanic Mill by Otfried Preussler

  • interactive performance for children over 6 years and teenage kids

The story of the boy named Krabat, which is the main character of the piece, is very unique in picturing of adolescence as the real and serious problem. It tells about the fascination of the teenage boy with the dark forces. It is a story of every young people, who get into the snare of some sort of the power. There is only one way out of this - of strong will, real friendship and of the miracle of love. 

  • Creation and performance : Vojta Švejda, Michael Vodenka, Jan Čtvrtník, David Ryska, Eliška Kašparová, Sebastián Vích, Štěpán Tretiag, Lenka Nahodilová

  • Children ́s role: David Králík, AnnaTretiagová, Viktorie Budinská, Nela Pokorná, Tereza Solarová, Anna Munzbergerová, Běla Vondráčková, Natálie Rákosníková, Filipa Budinská /Julie Bártová, Jaroslav Nesen, Kateřina Bártů

  • Screenplay, pedagogical guidance: Lenka Tretiagová

  • Choreography: Marta Trpišovská / Vodenková, dance cooperation: Renata Bártová

  • Screenplay, costumes, music: Tomáš Žižka, Agnes Kutas, Dragan Stojčevski, Jan Holeček

  • Mix original music and the sounds picked up in Lužice: Jan Holeček

  • Light design: Lukáš Benda

  • An artistic projection, which is being created during each performance: Tereza Tretiagová

  • Premiere: 7. 11. 2011, ALTA Studio

  • Length: 70 - 90 minutes



  • dance theatre performance for kids over 3 years.

Story of the little witch is inspired by the fairy-tale book of Otfried Preussler, and tells the story about the defiance of a little girl, who defy the authority of older witches and their unjust conviction. Young audience in this interactive performance can help to the young witch to make magic and good deeds, which is necessary for the happy end of the story. 

  • Screenplay and director: Lenka Tretiagová and Vojta Švejda

  • Music: Marek Doubrava and others

  • Scene and costumes: Káča Housková and others

  • Choreography: David Ryska and Lea Švejdová 
    Performers: Vojta Švejda David Ryska, Lea Švejdová, Jan Čtvrtník, Hedvika Řezáčová, Sebastián Vích, Lenka Nahodilová

  • Children ́s role: Tereza Solarová, Agáta Hodková, Linda Votrubová, Jana Kozáková, David Králík, Linda Pokorná, Anna Tretiagová a Viktorie Budínská.

  • Premiere: 18. 11. 2012

  • Length: 60 minutes 


or adventurous theatre vehicle


  • adventurous performance not only for children over 5 years

The world of american film director, writer and artist Tim Burton and his famous Charlie and the Chocolate Factory have inspired Dance Studio Light a great deal. While watching its performance, you can jump into the adventurous theatre vehicle, storming through the paradise of wishes and dream; you can help to create the final piece. The dance, accompanied with witty original music and the scene, creates miracles. One moment you are down, the other up, storming with tremendous speed or stand still. It is the pilgrimage full of slides down, swings, ascendings and shocks. The characters from the book, including Umpalumpas, reflect children weaknesses - addiction to sweets, TV and computers, as well as to other various things. The unpredictable owner of the chocolate factory, Mr. Wonka, with his bizarre manners, confuses everyone, to get them where he needs to have them...

This performance was at first presented in the vault of the gallery named Dům U kamenného zvonu during the Prague ́s exhibition of Tim Burton works.

  • Screenplay and director: Lenka Tretiagová and Vojta Švejda

  • Music: Mamapapa o.s. and Jan Čtvrtník

  • Costumes: Tereza Tretiagová 

  • Scenes: Tomáš Žižka and Michal Mihalčik

  • Light design: Lukáš Benda 

  • Choreography: David Ryska, Lucie Kašiarová, Ondřej Lipovský

  • Sound, animation: Lenka Nahodilová, Anna Tretiagová, Kateřina Molíková

  • Performers: David Ryska, Vojta Švejda, Michal Bednář, Tereza Tretiagová, Štěpán Tretiag, Sebastián Vích, Hedvika Řezáčová, Jan Čtvrtník

  • Children ́s roles: Odzer Stanzin, Agáta Hodková, David Králík, Tereza Solarová, Eliška Krejčí, Ondřej Zavřel, Magdalena Mihalčiková, Viktorie Budinská, Klára Klinková, Linda a Nela Pokorných, Sofie Kopecká

  • Premiere: 11. + 12. 10. 2014 Studio ALTA during the festival 4 + 4 days in motion

  • Length: 90 minutes



JOLA means a suitcase in ladakh.  JOLA MANGPO means a lot of suitcases. In every suitcase there is a hidden problem. We are teetering on our problems, throwing them away and finding them back, handing them over, searching them, getting rid of them, playing with them.  The initiation ritual of a teenage boy into a man can mean  to conquer the mountain of experiences, ideas and problems of the boy, his friends and ancestors. And what if his  ancestors are from the other side of the world?For children above 10 years

The performance about men and boys and their desires, feelings, strength and courage is inspired by meeting a Tibetan boy who climbed the highest peaks on his life journey. 

  • Choreography: Marta Trpišovská et al.

  • Music: Jan Čtvrtník

  • Dramaturgy: Lenka Tretiagová

  • Interpretation: Jaro Ondruš, Radim Peška, Jan Čtvrtník, Štěpán Tretiag, David Králík, Odzer Stanzin, Matěj Kučera, Adam Solar a Martin Lerch

  • Light design: Sebastián Vích

  • Work in progress 12. 11. Studio Alta

  • Premiere 26. 2. 2017